Wojciech Staron

BROTHERS_ohjaaja_Wojciech_StaronWojciech Staroń (b. 1973) is a Polish cinematographer, director and a poet of documentary film. Graduated from the renowned Łódź Film School, Staroń is a devout realist who believes in the force of pure image.

Staroń’s most known works include Siberian Lesson (1998) and one of the most widely awarded documentary films, Argentinian Lesson (DocPoint 2012). This year, DocPoint will screen his latest film Brothers (2015) which is true to the director’s style: it’s an intimate and picturesque portrayal of two brothers deported to Siberia.

Staroń’s touch can be seen and felt also elsewhere in DocPoint’s programme: Jerzy Sladkowski’s film about an autistic young man, Don Juan (2015), is shot by Staroń.