Jerzy Sladkowski

DON_JUAN_ohjaaja_Jerzy_uudempi_kuvaBorn in Poland, currently residing in Sweden, Jerzy Sladkowski (b. 1945), is a documentary film veteran. He is particularly known for his intricate portrayals of relationships, for instance Swedish Tango (1999) screened at DocPoint in 2013 and Vodka Factory (2010). Sladowski has studied classical languages and journalism and has worked also as a reporter.

Screened at DocPoint this year, Don Juan (2015) is the portrait of Oleg, 22, an autistic young man whose mother is set on making him normal again by committing him to questionable therapy. Don Juan won the best feature documentary film at IDFA, the international documentary film festival in Amsterdam. The film is a Swedish-Finnish co-production.