Audun Klyve Gulbrandsen

rsz_production_assistant_audun_klyve_gulbrandsen_photografer_håvard_holmeAudun Klyve Gulbrandsen is the production assistant of the documentary film The Fight for the Fjords (dir. Vigdis Nielsen, 2015), which is screened at the DocPoint festival. Guldbransen is the Marketing Coordinator at Hardingfilm promoting The Fight for the Fjords. The film is about a Norwegian village fighting against the construction of a power line across the scenic fjord. Gulbrandsen is an active opponent of the Norwegian energy industry’s expansion at the expense of landscape values. In 2010 and 2011 he led the organization Bevar Hardanger, who worked to ensure greater transparency and investigation to alternative solutions in the processes of establishing new transmission lines for energy.


Photo: Håvard Holme