Outi J. Hakola: Death in Documentary Film »

A violent or otherwise unusual death has always interested film-makers, but an everyday death, where illness and old age gradually waste a person away, has been a rarer sight on the silver screen. Whereas representations of violent deaths often focus on the circumstances of dying, in portraying an everyday death, the focus is on people […]

Ahmed Zaidan: The Journey »

This is a documentary story by journalist Ahmed Zaidan, who traveled from his hometown Mosul, Iraq, to Finland. The article is a combination of Zaidan’s own experiences and those of his friends and family members. The photos are taken along the long journey from Iraq to Greece via Turkey and from there further up to Europe. Sea, […]

Philip Hoffman brought creativity to Finnish Documentary Film Making »

When Canadian filmmaker Philip Hoffman (b. 1955) arrived in Finland at the beginning of the 1990s, he left a lasting mark on the Finnish documentary film tradition. In the following text, Finnish filmmakers tell about their relationship with this legendary documentarist, whose liberating experimentation served as the launching pad for the careers of many film creators. […]

Maarit Suomi-Väänänen: LOG HEAD HAS A HOG DEAL »

oh glade had ogle heal dog ah ogled had lego god heal dole hag age hold       Nine years of work culminated in the completion of Log Head (2015, 10 min), the final film in the Crazy May Trilogy. The two earlier parts of the trilogy are Up And About Again (2009, 9 […]

Tytti Rantanen: The autumnal Germany of the 1970s, terrorism and cinema »

Naked, Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1945–1982) is touching himself and crying on the phone that “they” are dead. “They” were the Red Army Faction (RAF) terrorists Andreas Baader (1943–1977), Gudrun Ensslin (1940–1977) and Jan-Carl Raspe (1944–1977) who had been waiting for trial in Stammheim prison and found deceased in their cells after a failed attempt by […]

Harri Römpötti: From Afghanistan to America – The Journey of a Child Bride »

The influx of refugees traveling to Europe has gained a lot of attention among the Finnish public, and the acceptance of asylum seekers as residents in the country has become a controversial topic. However, it is easy to forget that most of the refugees do not even make it to Europe, let alone to the […]

Kai Huotari: Remembering Petteri, the filmmaker »

Due to the upcoming Midnight Sun Film Festival, we are re-publishing Kai Huotari’s obituary for Peter von Bagh. The writing was originally published at www.docpoint.info on September 26th, 2014. Link to the original article.     Monday brought us sad news: Peter von Bagh, Petteri as we knew him, had passed away on Wednesday September 17th 2014. […]

Roos Hekkens: Inside Out: An Outsiders Perspective on a Finnish School Shooting »

On the 20th of April 1999 a school shooting occurred in Colombine, Colorado State in the USA. On the 7th of November 2007 a school shooting occurred in Jokela, Finland. On the 23rd of November 2014 the documentary film Pekka. Inside the Mind of a School Shooter, made by Alexander Oey, premiered at the International […]

Programme Snatchers – only 81 days till the next DocPoint! »

In charge of the selection is the Artistic Director of the festival, currently me, that is. The finish line is fast approaching: we are down to the last few weeks choosing the films for DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival. There’s plenty and more to watch. The Vanishing Point series notwithstanding, we curate the entire […]