Buy a screening card

There are two types of screening cards, DocPoint screening card and Finnkino DocPoint serial ticket. Both screening cards are available as 6 or 10 tickets.

DocPoint screening card can be purchased from this web page, from DocPoint ticket counter in Savoy Theatre or from all Finnkino theatres (Note, not at Finnkino online box office!). During the festival DocPoint screening card can also be purchased from every festival theatre.

DocPoint screening card can be used to redeem individual screening tickets for every festival film and for festival evening clubs. Tickets can be redeemed at above mentioned places. (Note, not through Finnkino online box office!) Please note that tickets to screenings in Finnkino theatres have to be redeemed at Finnkino ticket sales counter (but you can use your DocPoint screening card at the counter to redeem the ticket). Respectively you cannot redeem tickets for screenings in other festival theatres through Finnkino.

Note! Screenings cards are not personal, so multiple tickets for the same screening can be purchased with the same screening card.

Buy your DocPoint screening card here.

Finnkino DocPoint serial ticket is available at Finnkino online box office ( on Jan 8th 2016. This serial ticket is useful to you if you watch several DocPoint films in Kinopalatsi and you are able to use Finnkino’s online box office. Finnkino DocPoint serial ticket is valid only for DocPoint screenings in Finnkino theatres. Individual screening tickets can be redeemed only through Finnkino online box office. Please note that Finnkino DocPoint serial ticket is only valid during pre-sales and the festival. It cannot be used to redeem tickets for normal Finnkino films.