Claudia Tosi

THE_PERFECT_SIRCLE_ohjaaja_Claudia_TosiClaudia Tosi was born in Modena, Italy. She has studied philosophy at the University of Bologna. She has worked as a director since 1998 when she filmed television shows and commercials. From 2003 on, Tosi has made and produced documentary films. In 2004, she founded Movimenta, a production company that focuses on releasing creative documentary films to the international market.

Tosi has directed the award-winning films Private Fragments of Bosnia (2004) and Mostar United (2009), both with respectable festival track records. DocPoint will screen The Perfect Circle (2015) which tells an intimate and graceful story of two hospice clients.

Selected Filmography:
The Perfect Circle (2015)
Mostar United (2009)
Private Fragments of Bosnia (2004)