Fredrik Oskarsson

NUCLEAR_NEIGHBOUR_ohjaaja_Fredrik_OskarssonFredrik Oskarsson began his film career in 1996 and has produced several documentaries and TV-programs since then. Along with Oskar Östergren, he worked under the name oskar&oskarsson. The film Här är polisen (2006) was seen by over 720,000 in the first run on Swedish TV (SVT). It had at most 9.5% of Sweden’s TV viewers. In 2010 Oskarsson and Östergren started Bautafilm AB together with Therese Högberg and Victor Lindgren. Baitafilm is a production company based in Umeå, Sweden. It focuses on short and feature films, major TV productions as well as advertising and music videos. The company has already won a couple of prizes. Among them was the Teddy award at Berlin Film Festival for the film Undress me (2013).

The new documentary film Nuclear Neighbour (2016) directed by Oskarsson is screened at the DocPoint festival. The film is about a Finnish school teacher who is fighting against a nuclear power plant planned in Pyhäjoki, Finnland.