DOKKINO – Documentary Film Event for Children and Youth

DOKKINO is a year-round national documentary film event that introduces the world of creative documentary to children and young. DOKKINO 2016 kicks off on 25th–29th January from Helsinki. From Helsinki the event continues to 17 other cities. Last year DOKKINO broke again audience records with 17 244 children attending the screenings and workshops. DOKKINO – Documentary Event for Children and Youth is organized by DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival.

DOKKINO’s programme consists of short films that are selected thematically. The event concentrates strongly on social issues and promotes media literacy. In addition to film screenings DOKKINO organizes documentary film-making workshops and sessions in which school children can meet the film makers and also provides educational material in Finnish. Through DOKKINO, DocPoint wants to make documentary film genre more accessible for children.

The DOKKINO tour kicks off every year from Helsinki where the new DOKKINO programme is shown for the first time. From Helsinki DOKKINO heads for a tour around Finland. In 2016 DOKKINO visits in 18 cities.

The theme for the year 2016 is DREAMING BIG. We all have wishes, and everyone dreams about something. Wishes and dreams can be big or small, but all of them are equally important and everyone has the right to dream. Some of our wishes come true, while others do not. Some dreams become true by chance, while others require much work to make them happen. What would you do to make your dreams come true?

The DOKKINO 2016 film series provides an opportunity to dream together and to learn about the hopes and wishes of youth from around the world. Protagonists in these films work relentlessly, adapt to new situations, and never lose faith in themselves, despite the significant challenges they face. Are they hoping for the same things as you and me? How do dreams come true?

DOKKINO films provide food for thought for children and youth, and introduce positive role models and characters that are easy to relate to from diverse backgrounds. I hope that these films will help us to reflect on our own situations and understand those of others, to continue to dream, to get excited about the future, and to remind ourselves that some of our dreams might indeed come true!

There’s two series: One for the primary school (ages 10-12) and other for the secondary school (ages 13-15). The films in each series are short documentaries selected to the appropriate age groups.

In 2015 DOKKINO broke again records as over 17 200 children and young attended the screenings around Finland. Growing numbers of visitors and excellent feedback prove that children and youth need these kind of events to support media education in schools. They are also a great tool to deal with issues that are important for children and young in these age groups.

DOKKINO grows every year. In 2015 it added new three cities to the tour: Kotka, Rovaniemi and Kajaani and in 2016 there is going to be two new cities.

More information about the event and teaching materials, as well as the screening times and locations can be found at:

Emilia Wahlberg
DOKKINO Producer,
tel. +358 10501 5771

Programme 2016:


Finland, 2015, 2 min

The documentary has been made in DOKKINO workshop at Nakertaja School, Kajaani, during the autumn 2015. It has been written, shot and edited by pupils themselves. The film makers are: Kyösti Grönstrand, Janika Kaartinen, Keerthisana Gobikrishna, Konsta Pääkkönen, Veera Juntunen and Juho Jokelainen.

Netherlands – 2014 – 20 min

Nora_2Nine year-old Nora and her family escaped the Syrian war, traveling through the desert on days and nights, and now the family lives in a refugee camp in Jordania. Terrible memories cloud Nora’s mind and she misses her old friends, but there is always room for hopes and dreams. One day Nora wants to become an artist and start her own art school in her home country, Syria.

De leeuw en de dappere muis
DIRECTOR: Els van Driel
SCREENPLAY: Jaap Veldhoen
EDITING: Francesco Indaco
SOUND: Els van Driel

Denmark – 2014 – 10 min

Tefik_stills_0210-year-old Tefik is originally from Kosovo, but at the moment he and his family are refugees living in Denmark. While Tefik and his parents wait for an asylum decision, he has time to practice bicycle tricks and dream about future. Can they stay? Will his mother become healthy again? Could his dad start a bicycle shop?

Tefik, når du falder du rejser dig op igen
DIRECTOR: Jannik Hastrup
SCREENPLAY: Jannik Hastrup
EDITING: Jannik Hastrup
SOUND: Niels Arild
MUSIC: Fuzzy
PRODUCTION: Dansk Tegnefilm
DISTRIBUTION: Dansk Tegnefilm,

Norway, Denmark, Sweden – 2015 – 25 min

VARICELLA_14 (kopio)Two talented sisters, a 13-year-old Nastia and a seven-year-old Polina, are studying ballet at a prestigious dance academy. They are willing to do everything it takes to become masterful dancers. Ballet brings happiness to their lives, but from time to time hard practice also gets tears running. Have they been practicing enough and are their skills good enough to continue their beloved hobby?

DIRECTOR: Viktor Kossakovsky
EDITING: Vlad Grishin
SOUND: Sasha Dudarev
MUSIC: Ivan Bessonov, Elvira Kobtzeva, Elena Miltz, Leonid Levashkevich, Jean-Babtise Lully, Cziffra Gyoögy
PRODUCTION: Anita Rehoff Larsen & Tone Grøttjord-Glenne / Sant & Usant
DISTRIBUTION: Autlook Filmsales,

Netherlands – 2014 – 17 min

Giovanni-110-year-old Giovanni has a big dream: he wants to be the first boy to compete in the Dutch water ballet championship. Will Giovanni be able to train enough to convince the judges that he can compete in the all-girls team? Will his hopes and dreams come true?

DIRECTOR: Astrid Bussink
PHOTOGRAPHY: Diderik Evers, Dirk-Jan Kerkkamp, Sal Kroonenberg
EDITING: Femke Klein Obbink
SOUND: Tim van Peppen, Bouk Bouwmeester
PRODUCTION: Hasse van Nunen & Renko Douze / Een van de jongens
DISTRIBUTION: Een van de jongens,


Finland 2015, 3 min

The documentary has been made in DOKKINO workshop at Keskuskoulu, Kotka, during the autumn 2015. It has been written, shot and edited by pupils themselves. Also the music has been composed and played by the pupils. The film makers are: Hannu Markkanen, Elina Merivalo, Siiri Kärkkäinen, Lilith Rautiainen and Kerttuli Salonen.

Netherlands – 2013 – 15 min

Jamey 2 (kopio)Jamie, 16, would like to get rid of his stuttering so that he could lead a normal life at home as well as at school. He is about to begin studies at sports academy, where he should be able to teach. This is why he should get rid of his stuttering as quickly as possible. Will he be able to do that?

Jamey’s Gevecht
DIRECTOR: Denise Janzée
PHOTOGRAPHY: Christiaan van Duuren, Jacques Laureys, Dario Russo
EDITING: Denise Janzée
SOUND: Sam Huisman, Jilles Schriel
PRODUCTION: Denise Janzée / Zeefilm

Sweden – 2014 – 14 min

KEEP-ME-SAFE-IMG-_1.1.23 (kopio)Keep Me Safe tells the story of three young girls who are living temporarily in a safety shelter in Scotland due to their own violent and harmful behavior. It is challenging for them to trust others, including the employees at the shelter and the society as whole. Will these girls be able to face their fears and fulfill their dreams?

DIRECTOR: Ellen Fiske, Joanna Karlberg
EDITING: Anton Hemgren
SOUND: Manne Kjellander
MUSIC: Julia Jonas
PRODUCTION: Erik Lundqvist / Singularity Film, Stefan Henrikson / Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts

Germany – 2013 – 25 min

Sharukh Still_2Sharuk, a 14-year-old boy from India, does not go to school, but rather works at a car repair shop to help support his family. He would like to go to school, but he also likes his job. He wants to become a great auto mechanic so that he can become successful and provide income for his family. While working he also has time to dream: “If only I could one day learn how to drive a car and I could take my mother on a ride across town!”

Sharukh sucht das Glück
DIRECTOR: André Hörmann
PHOTOGRAPHY: Florian Foest
EDITING: Vincent Assmann
SOUND: Kevin Pinto
PRODUCTION: Heike Kunze, Max Milhahn / Telekult Film- und Medienproduktion
DISTRIBUTION: Telekult Film- und Medienproduktion,

Netherlands – 2013 – 16 min

Father wanted with a piggy nose_2
13-year-old Jaël was born via artificial inception, and has never met his biological father. He has a burning desire to find out who his biological father is, and what features he inherited from him. According to the agreement, this information can only be given to children after they turn 16. It’s not clear if 13-year-old Jaël will receive special permission to get access to this information. Will the psychiatrist allow it, or will Jaël have to wait a few more years to find out?

DIRECTOR: Annelies Kruk
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicole Batteke
EDITING: Aart Jan van der Linden
SOUND: Anneloes Pabruwee
PRODUCTION: Albert Klein Haneveld / Hollandse Helden
DISTRIBUTION: Annelies Kruk,