Jannik Splidsboel

MISFITS_ohjaaja_Jannik_SplidspoelJannik Splidsboel (b. 1964) is a Danish-born director. He has studied art and film in Copenhagen and Rome.

Splidsboel has worked in several international productions. He has directed the documentary films Days in Maremma (2013), Together (2008) and Homies (2005). His films How Are You (2011) and Misfits (2015), which also screens at DocPoint this year, were picked at their respective times of release for Berlinale’s Panorama section that showcases new talents.

Misfits is about a conservative religious community in the USA where three youths struggle to find their identity and accept their sexual orientation in a culture that condemns homosexuality.


Misfits (2015)
Drömmen om Maremma (2013)
How Are You (2011)
Together (2008)
Uhyret (2006)
Andre venner (2005)
Louise (2004)