Juan Reina

Juan Reina (b. 1978) is a film director and screenwriter who graduated from University of South Wales in 2005. He has worked in many film projects in Africa, Middle East and Europe. His often societal films have won many awards and nominations at both national and international film festivals.

Reina’s previous work includes for example the film 6954 kilometriä kotiin (2013) and a documentary series Operaatio Mannerheim (2012), which have both received awards in Finland. Reina’s documentary film Albino United (2010) co-directed with Marc Hoefer and Barney Broomfield and produced for the British Channel 4 and National Geographic was selected to many documentary film festivals around the world. It was also nominated for best Mid-Length Documentary in IDFA. Reina’s documentary film Iseta – Behind the Roadblock (2008) was nominated in IDFA and it won the main award in Cairo Film Festival.

Reina’s documentary film Diving into the Unknown (Takaisin pintaan, 2016) is screened at the DocPoint festival. In 2014 five Finnish divers went diving in a Norwegian cave, but only three divers came back. The film is about the divers going back to the cave to fetch their friends who passed away.