Maximilien Dejoie

WHEN_WE_TALK_ABOUT_KGB_ohjaaja_Maximilien_DejoieMaximilien Dejoie was born in Turin in 1987. He started making short films at the age of thirteen. Since then he wrote and directed several successful short films presented in international film festivals.

In 2011 he directed his feature film debut, The Gerber Syndrome, a mockumentary that opened the Sci-Fi London and was selected in over twelve international film festivals. The film was later distributed in Italy and other 45 countries. When We Talk About KGB, co-directed with Virginija Vareikyté, is his first feature documentary.

Selected Filmography:
Resistanz (2007)
Gone Golfing (2008)
The Gerber Syndrome (2011)
When We Talk About KGB (2016)