Sou-Yen Kim

MR._KIM_&_SISTER_LOTUS_ohjaaja_Sou-Yen_KimSou-Yen Kim is German with Korean roots. She was born in 1972 in Wuerselen near the city of Aachen. She is the daughter of a Korean nurse and a former Korean miner. Now she is a journalist in Berlin. She works as an author and editor for KI.KA, rbb, ZDF, WDR, and Radio Bremen. In 2004 she was nominated for a Grimme Award in the category of Information and culture. In 2005 the German Children’s and Media Foundation (Deutsche Kinder- und Medienstiftung) Goldener Spatz awarded her their Goldener Spatz prize. Kim has co-directed with Miriam Rossius the documentary film Mr. Kim & Sister Lotus (2015) which is screened at the DocPoint festival.