Hoffman IV: All Fall Down

torn formations / The Films of Philip Hoffman

The Philip Hoffman “introretrospective” is made up of five screenings that include both Hoffman’s own films and the works of his Finnish collegues. The programme has been curated by Philip Hoffman and the Finnish film maker Sami van Ingen.

The limits of cinematic expression have changed and expanded, and also our historical awareness has developed. Canadian experimental filmmaker Philip Hoffman has deep and solid roots in Finland. He has worked twice as a teacher in the University of Art and Design Helsinki during the 1990s , and his influence is prominent in the work of several filmmakers who started their careers back then. Highly personal subject matter and experimentation are the key concepts of Philip Hoffman’s work, which, on the other hand, is also a visual body of memory and emotions.

Perttu Rastas
Senior Planning Officer, Finnish National Gallery


All Fall Down

All Fall Down is an experimental documentary that takes as its starting point a nineteenth-century farmhouse in Southern Ontario and juxtaposes the lives of two figures: Nahneebahweequa, a nineteenth-century land rights activist; and writer George Lachlan Brown, an ex-pat drifter and father of the filmmaker’s stepdaughter. The film explores these characters through a variety of archival materials (diaries, landscape paintings, photographs, heritage films, poems, phone messages, maps, historical reenactments, songs) that express the complexity of time and the politics of land. The film is structured through Hoffman’s extraordinary landscapes of Southern Ontario which make the temporal fabric shimmer, bringing us a meditation on childhood, property, ecology, and love. The work features a blend of extraordinary music by Finnish composer Toni Edelmann and American born musician Tucker Zimmerman.

Canada / 2009 / 94 min / digital video
Director: Philip Hoffman
Script: Janine Marchessault, Philip Hoffman
Editing: Philip Hoffman
Sound: Tim Muirhead
Music: Toni Edelmann,Tucker Zimmerman
Production: Chimera Imaging
Distribution: Philip Hoffman

Duration of the screening is 94 min.

  • Age limit: S


  • Orion: Thursday 28.1. at 18:45