Spandex sapiens

“I’m sure everybody in this world looks for two things: unconditional love and unconditional freedom. Most people find neither.”

Oskari Pastila’s Spandex Sapiens is a portrait documentary of a Finland-based Canadian wrestler Michael “Starbuck” Majalahti and his personal fight with love and hate. Michael, the son of a Pentecostalist priest, has founded the first professional wrestling promotion in the Nordics. The promotion is also joined by a transgender wrestler Jessica Love. This tension between the two wrestlers becomes one of the focal points in the film. The physical fight turns into a fight between ideologies, when the conservative and homophobic Michael meets his opponent in the ring.

Wrestling is a marginal sport in Finland, but the fights are nevertheless bloody and the fans rowdy and passionate. Entertainer’s life in the Nordics isn’t grand. After an exhausting workout, one needs to scrub the ice from the car windows before the drive home.

Outside the ring the document follows Majalahti’s fight against loneliness: the soon 40-year old wrestler is looking for a companion, but finding one seems to be hard.

Kiira Koskela / Translation: Tuomo Karvonen

Languages: Finnish, English
Subtitles: English


  • Director: Oskari Pastila
  • Country: Finland
  • Year: 2015
  • Length: 87 min
  • Age limit: K12
  • Format: DCP
  • Cinematography: Aarne Tapola
  • Editing: Markus Leppälä, Oskari Pastila, Ilja Rautsi
  • Audio: Svante Colérus
  • Production: Oskari Pastila/Emerald Gate Industries Oy


  • Kinopalatsi 1: Wednesday 27.1. at 21:15
  • Andorra: Friday 29.1. at 21:00