Ville Suhonen

OMPELIJATAR_ohjaaja_Ville_SuhonenVille Suhonen is a film director, screenwriter and author, who was born 1964 in Helsinki. He is known for the popular adventure film Poika ja lives (1999), which he has co-directed with Raimo O. Niemi. Suhonen is also the screenwriter of the film, and he has published a novel based on the movie with the same name. He has published three young adult novels, one children’s book and a nature themed book as well. Suhonen has studied Art History and Theatre Research in the University of Helsinki and he has worked as a critic since 1986.

Since 1985 Suhonen has directed and written over 30 films. His most recent works are documentary film Seamstress (Ompelijatar, 2015), which is screened at the DocPoint festival, nature documentary Metsän tarina (2012) and Frozen Hell (Jäämarssi − Suomen matka-opas 1941−42, 2011), which is also screened now at DocPoint.